Fun Friday: My fave video of the moment!

f36c72b540a9677bd0c44b7e07a8b45bGood Afternoon! I’ve had a bit of writer’s block the past few days but I told myself that I would post as long as I felt that it would be inspiring and/or entertaining to my readers. I then remembered what day it was: Friday. It’s the end of a long work/school week and at my job as director/after school program supervisor, Friday becomes “Fun Friday”. It’s all about relaxing and having fun because the kids don’t do homework at the program on Fridays and are able to play with toys, do art projects or play games on their tablets instead. It’s a great way to end the week so I figured I could create a “Fun Friday” of my own on here! Every Friday, I’ll post something or someone who made me stop and smile/laugh in hopes that you will feel the same way!

This week, I was obsessed with watching a little 4-year-old boy dance on “Ellen”. He was dancing to a song called “Juju on That Beat” and while I was shaking my head at the title and lyrics (guess I’m showing my age!), I couldn’t stop smiling because not only could this little boy dance, but you could tell that he really enjoyed himself and would put on the same performance regardless of if anyone was watching. As adults, many of us worry about what others think of us so we are hesitant to say or do things that we feel will get a negative response from others. It’s hard to be true to yourself when you feel like you are always being analyzed and criticized but try to remember a time when you were young and didn’t really care about others opinions because you were happy and in your own little world. I’m not telling you to act like a child but capture the essence of the joy and carefree spirit that kids have and spread it around because it’s contagious. Check out the video below and be sure to share your own videos using the hashtag #funfriday so I can see what make you guys smile!



New post coming on Monday and I’ll be live on Facebook on Wednesday night at 8pm EST so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend and always remember to love and live luxuriously!



My inspiration

Looking for some inspiration can you be my muse…promise to give you all of myself because I have nothing left to lose

I think that a writer’s biggest challenge is figuring out what exactly it is that they want to write about. There are so many topics that have been covered but a writer must find their own voice when speaking about various topics and make their ideas and opinions clear and concise so that people can understand. Whenever I post a blog entry, I want people to be able to understand where I am coming from but most importantly, relate to me on some level. Even if the reader hasn’t been through that particular experience that I’m discussing, they can empathize and relate to the feelings that came from said experience. I think that I am a decent writer but in the past few years, public speaking has been my preferred source of speaking my mind. I feel that reading the words I write doesn’t give off that same spark of energy that I want to release to the world and I love direct dialogue that often doesn’t come when posting on a blog. Most importantly. i love the interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication that occurs when I am giving a speech or being featured on a panel. My biggest inspiration comes from others stories and experiences and although talking is my preferred method of communication, I can’t reach out and talk to everyone so writing is the best way to interact with others no matter where they are in the world.

I love watching YouTube clips of inspirational people. Ellen’s talk show is the first YouTube page I go to when I want to watch everyday people be selfless for the safety and well-being of others. I created “The Angielala Experience” as a way to help uplift and inspire others by sharing my experiences in love and life. Along the way, I lost sight of my purpose and passion but talking to my friends and complete strangers who email me and tell me that they love what I do and the messages I share gives me so much joy and hope and I know that no matter what happens, I have people who believe in me and what I do and you all are my biggest inspiration.

Much love to you and remember to