My Healthy Lifestyle Journey


some of the. meals/snacks I’ve prepared!

Good Morning! I’m writing this post right before I have to head to the dentist (ugh!) to get my wisdom tooth pulled. I still have to go back for fillings and crowns and I am so disappointed with myself because things shouldn’t have gotten this far in regards to my dental health and my health in general. I know exactly why I am at this point though. I grew up in a household where I could eat anything I wanted at anytime. I didn’t have to ask permission for snacks and goodies and my mom bought and cooked whatever I liked. If she couldn’t cook it, we ordered it and I just accepted that as a way of life. I’ve worked out here and there but I knew to see real results, I’d have to change what I eat as well and that part would be tough for me. I want to be the best version of myself and I knew that in order for that to happen, I’d have to change up my eating habits. I’m not too big on beef or pork ( I do like bacon though!) but chicken as always been my weakness. I love Chick Fil A and when I go there, I get the same thing: 12 piece nuggets, waffle fries and a Coke or sweet tea. On this particular lifestyle plan, I can’t eat red meat, can’t drink soda and no processed foods…bye bye Chick Fil A šŸ˜¢ Fortunately, pasta is still on the menu in whole wheat form which doesn’t taste half bad. I have to prepare all my meals myself and that’s a first because I NEVER cooked on a regular basis. It’s been a challenge especially since many of the foods I love are no longer on the menu so I’ve had to be creative and try other type of dishes like my almond apple muffins above ( I know they look like cookies but it’s only because of the angle) steamed asparagus (eh!)  and boneless, skinless chicken breasts ( at least I can still eat chicken!)

I’ve been working out at least once a day as well doing things like squats, crunches, lunges and other types of exercises that will tone my tummy, legs and booty. I want to look and feel healthy and I feel that with this new healthy lifestyle, I am on the right track. I may have a “cheat day” in the future but as long as they don’t turn into cheat weeks and months, I think I’ll be alright. I will continue to keep you up to date on my progress and in a future post, I’ll show you before and after pics(yikes!) Keep giving your all into whatever it is you desire and make sure to share your journey with me. We’ll talk soon!
Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

Breaking Bad Habits

Good Morning folks! For the last month or so, I’ve had a pretty bad case of writer’s block. I couldn’t think of anything to write about that didn’t sound repetitive or depressing and I told myself that I wouldn’t post anything that I considerĀ mediocre or second-rate. I want all of my blog posts to show insight into what is going on in my life and hopefully be helpful and relatable to others. After the conversation I had with a friend yesterday where we discussed our fears and dreams, I realized that our biggest obstacles are not those that come from outside influences but instead the mental roadblocks we create in our mind. If you say you can or can’t do something, either way, you are correct.

You are the only one that is in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions and although we cannot predict the future and may not be able to manipulate all things to our favor, we have the power to control how we respond to these actions and behaviors. For every action there is usually a reaction and how we react can decide the course of our future. Unfortunately, Ā previous negative experiences can create bad mental habits that can be difficult to break. Experts have said that it takes about 66 days to break bad habits and create new ones. Whether it’s a nervous habit such as biting your nails or something more addictive like smoking, these habits start in the mind. You have to first address the mental issues going on inside your brain before the physical changes can occur. I am conscious of what my bad habits are (procrastination, not following through on plans) and I’ve realized that fear is the controlling factor that brought about these bad habits.

Fear of failure and rejection are why I keep making excuses and put off things that I feel will take me to the next level. Fear is a self-defense mechanism to protect us from danger that we sense whether we are conscious of it or not. This is normal but when we let the fears that we create run our lives instead of conquering them, they lead to bad mental habits which can lead to bad physical ones. Along with fear, there is jealousy, denial, pride and countless others that can bring the worst out of people. Excessive drinking that can lead to depression and isolation may be because of not coming to terms with a tragic situation in someone’s past. Road rage may stem from being taught that the only way to deal with frustration and anger is confrontation. Whatever the habit, there is always an underlying cause of it and acknowledging what that cause is and managing it is essential for success. Focus on your journey and understand that change is inevitable but how you handle the changes is a testament to who you really are.

I wish everyone the best of luck in breaking bad habits and always remember to love and live luxuriously!