Spotlight On Black Businesses: Day 2

Good Morning! I am back with Day 2 of my Spotlight On Black Businesses. These next 3 businesses are my go to ladies for my protective style needs and new go to online boutique for my fashion needs. I have known these 3 women for 10 + years and I am so happy that they stepped out on faith and started their own businesses. Read on to find more about these lovely ladies and their endeavors.

Shante (@suiteshante)

I just have to say Happy Birthday to my girl Tae!!! She is kicking off her thirty something (not gonna put her age out there like that) year with a bang! Today is not only her bday but it is also the official launch of her online boutique Suite Shante ( I remember when Suite Shante was just a dream and to see her vision come to fruition has been motivation for me to get back on my grind. She is so deserving of all the success that is headed her way and mark my words, Suite Shante will be a premiere online boutique for trendy, chic clothing at an affordable price. I plan on taking flicks in the outfit that I’ve already chosen from the site(its hella cute!)  so check for those in upcoming posts! Make sure you follow her on IG @suiteshante for more information! Tae, Happy Happy Birthday! I am not sure what you will wish for but I am sure that whatever it is, you will make it happen because that’s just who you are! Thank you for always being there for me and giving me the push I needed to get back into the swing of things. I know that Suite Shante is just the tip of the iceberg so I am looking forward to what’s next.  We will definitely have a blast  on Sunday! Love ya

Tiffany (@_kustomkrownz)

There’s so much I can say about my oldest friend (Known her since we were 6 lol) but one thing that always stood out about Tiffany is her passion for life and desire to learn. She is self taught as it relates to making wigs and was the only person that could get me in a wig for longer than a day because of how skilled and talented she is! Through her company Kustom Krownz, she sells high quality virgin hair extensions (which I can honestly say last for a long time!) and custom made wig units which she will cut, dye, style and whatever else you desire!  Recently, she opened up her own salon suite right outside of Las Vegas. I am bummed that she is so far away but so proud of her making that move in order to grow and expand. Fortunately for me and her other customers outside of Nevada, she does ship so make sure you hit her up at @_kustomkrownz and tell her that Angie sent you so I can get a discount lmao…seriously though if you want high quality extensions and wigs at reasonable prices, Kustom Krownz is the way to go! Tiffany, 27 years of friendship and counting and I have never been more proud of you than I am now. Your growth and ability to seize the moment has led you to all of the success you have had so far and there is still so much more to go. I will be out there as soon as I can to see your salon. Love ya!!!

Tiarah (@crochet_queen9)

There isn’t just one word I can use to describe Tiarah because she is funny, chill, friendly, serious, crazy (in the best way possible!) and very talented. The box braid style you see in the pic was done by her masterful hands (don’t ask her to do this particular style for you cause I was at her house forever and she’s just not gonna do it ever again lol) and I love the result! Crochet & Slay is her company where she will crochet (obviously!) braid, and twist your hair to give you a style that works for your taste and budget. I stopped going to braiding salons because I feel that Tiarah takes the time (literally!) and effort into giving you exactly what you want without the headache and tension that can happen when you let others braid your hair. Make sure you hit her up @crochet_queen9 for an appointment and view the various styles and satisfied clients she has. Tiarah, I am so proud of you and all of the moves you are making to ensure a better future for you and your family. Following your passion is tough but you have put in the work which is half the battle. Can’t wait to see where Crochet & Slay goes and just remember that you can do anything you set your mind to! Love you girl!

Tomorrow will be the spotlight on the last 3 businesses/endeavors so make sure you come back to view my post! Also, if you own a business, comment below so I can shout you out in a future post! Thanks for the support and always remember to love and live luxuriously!

I am not my hair…at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

On the left: how I normally wear my hair On the right: the curly, wavy, poofy madness I’m currently rocking!

Good Afternoon! I knew that I was going to talk about my love/hate relationship with my hair since Sunday when I decided to wear my hair in its natural state. I haven’t had a relaxer since 2011 but I always wear my hair straight because it’s how I’ve worn my hair since I could remember. Whether it was a “doobie” (roller set hair that is taken out then wrapped around the head and secured with bobby pins) or a “silk press” (hair is flat ironed straight to look like relaxed hair), I have always rocked a sleek and polished style. I’ve worn other types of styles such as curly weaves and braids but I’ve never dared to wear my real hair in its natural state. After trying to manage my hair this summer with the heat and humidity and creating more heat damage as a result, I told myself that I would attempt to wear my hair in its natural state. So this past Sunday I shampooed and conditioned, then put two strand twists in my hair (well had my boss do it for me lol) and let it set overnight and took the two strand twists out the next morning and rocked the curl/wave that it made. When I took my hair out, the only way I could describe it is poofy lol! I wasn’t used to the increase in the volume of my hair and the curls were al over the place. I wasn’t sure if it looked bad or not but I knew I wasn’t comfortable with the style itself. It felt weird not embracing my natural hair and it made me feel like I was brainwashed by society because I feel inadequate unless my hair is straight and appears to be more manageable. I wanted my curls to look bouncy and lush like all the YouTube naturalists that I watch on a regular basis but I was left with undefined waves, curls and poofy madness! My hair wasn’t what I envisioned it to be but I wanted to get over my discomfort and rock this look so I have been for the past 3 days and slowly but surely, I’m embracing it!

I know that for many women of color, managing hair in its natural state is a process in itself because we have to find products that work with our hair type and texture as well as stay within a certain budget (hair products can get expensive!!!) and find the time to do our hair because it can take all day depending on the style. I don’t know if this is a look I can rock ALL the time but I’m definitely going to try to do it more often especially in the summer cause straightening my hair every few days isn’t an option for me. I’ll keep you guys in the loop with my progress 😉

Make sure you tune in tonight at 8pm EST because I will be live on Facebook. The topic is “Eliminating Limitations” and I will be discussing the limitations I’ve tried to eliminate including the ones related to appearance! Hope to see you all in the chat! Also, like/comment/share so we can spread the love and positivity! See you back here on Friday:)


Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

I Am Such A Knotty Girl


No rant this week, I hope I’m not disappointing anyone… I decided to enjoy this post. The last several weeks have been intense for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use a little release therapy.

An Ode to Knotty Girls all across the nation…

This very second, this very minute I would shout it from the mountain tops, “I LOVE BEING A KNOTTY GIRL”. Growing up in my house wasn’t a cinematic event, my father got his hair cut once a week or so, and my mother spent a good half a day in the salon getting a touch up on her relaxer and a roller set. The only tools my mother used on her hair were a bag of pink rollers and a bottle of Miss Cool 5 setting lotion.

Then one day the epiphany, I came home from a normal day of junior high drama and almost passed out, my mother had chopped off all of her shoulder blade length, jet black (with a bride of Frankenstein grey streak in the front), thick hair. Hair so thick I remember people use to stop her and ask if it was a weave. Shortly after her chop my grandmother went natural, so seeing natural was all around me. I still hadn’t caught on, but that’s alright.

Fast forward to 2004, a tragic run in with a bad braid job caused me to have to take a trip to the chop shop… I cut all my hair down to about 2 inches long and haven’t looked back since. I love being a knotty, I’m happy being a knotty girl. Due to medical issues, and the various medications, extreme fatigue and sensitive skin my hair was not only shedding, it was suffering. However, I found that the further away I moved from using chemicals on my skin and in my hair the better my scalp and skin seemed to get. I went from having what looked like cradle cap, to a more manageable scalp that I could be proud of.

When I first started out all I needed was shampoo, conditioner, and some moisturizer. Apparently my hair and scalp have become progressively prissier over the years because now I have a product and a regimen for every special occasion, every season, and practically every daily option that could possibly pop up. I’ve tried Sizta2Sizta, Mixed Chicks, Miss Jessie’s, Carol’s Daughter and a host of other products; I should be getting paid for being a knotty girl by some of these places. I mean think about it, who wouldn’t like to get paid for being a knotty girl? *insert innocent girlish grin here*.

Jump to 2013 and now my friends say that they love that I’m such a knotty girl (everyone loves a knotty girl from time to time). They just couldn’t imagine if I wasn’t the knotty girl I am. I straightened my hair one day and my mother cried because she thought I had relaxed my hair.  I walked in my house the other day with a small package and my roommate’s sister asked me,” Oh, you getting ready to perm your hair?” I laughed so hard I ran into the wall. I actually have nightmares about accidentally relaxing my hair and not being able to get the chemical out of my hair quick enough for it to not straighten my hair…I’ve had both ups and downs on the road to my follicle freedom. I’ve been told that I would “be cute if I permed my hair.” I heard from people that they “don’t see how I deal with nappy hair everyday”… Then of course there are the people who approach me and love it, want to touch it, I even had a guy try to hug my fro. Yes, I said hug, it was seriously awkward.

I was a knotty girl before it was trending on twitter and had its own acronyms like BC (big chop) and TWA (teenie weenie afro). Being a knotty girl isn’t for everyone, but those of us who embrace it sure do have a lot of fun, because let’s face it; girls with kinks still get winks.

I am proud to be a knotty girl! Hair in rollers or plaits, I love being a knotty girl. Curlformers, or paper bag curls I’m a knotty girl, living in my knotty world. Shea butter creams, aloe vera gels and deep conditioning to untangle the tantrum my head has after a night of forgetting to tie up my hair. If you have a knotty girl in your world, hug them and let them know how much you appreciate them. I mean think about it, who else would you call when you need a natural nail remedy or a conditioning fix??? Who else would tell you that if you are broke, busted and disgusted you can use olive oil as a hair mask???

Who else but us knotty girls!