Featured Artist: Janine and The Mixtape

Janine and I after our interview:)

I love listening to new music and discovering new artists online on different sites but I found an amazing artist in the last place I ever thought I would: watching an episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”…I try to stay away from watching ratchet television on VH1 but one night, I was bored and gave in to the madness and I am so glad I did. While I was viewing one of the scenes not really paying attention to what was going on, I heard this beautiful song play in the background and wanted to hear it in its entirety. Right before the commercial break, I found out that the artist’s name was Janine and the Mixtape and the song playing was called “Hold Me”. It was a wrap after that! I found her “Dark Mind” EP on Itunes, downloaded it and fell in love with her voice and subject matter. I wanted to meet the person behind the music and ask her what inspired such beautiful yet dark lyrics. I was thrilled when a couple of months after hearing her song on VH1, I was able to interview her in NYC and I must say that meeting Janine and The Mixtape surpassed all of my expectations! She is a beautiful soul inside and out and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her. Check out our interview where Janine discusses her music, her thoughts on beauty and how much she loves NYC among other things! Enjoy!

For more info on Janine check her out on Twitter (@janine_mixtape) Instagram (@janine_mixtape) and on her website (http://www.janineandthemixtape.com/)

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

The Power of Makeup

Last week was a sick/lazy week for me so I really didn’t have the energy or inspiration to write.  Yesterday I wanted to write a blog post about one of my biggest fears (which I intend to talk about tomorrow) but then I saw this video and I was instantly intrigued. I loved how this makeup artist described her clients beauty, even though they could not see it for themselves. As someone who is hired to enhance a person’s best features and minimize what one considers a flaw, I was blown away at how she can make someone feel like they are on top of the world with just a few brush strokes. The point and power of her message is much deeper than makeup and although she is a professional makeup artist, her true talent is giving confidence and hope to others who may have lost both throughout life’s journey. Watch the video below and let me know what you think of her message!

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

Makeup Mondays- My fave summer lipstick shades

I love wearing makeup but because of the heat, I don’t like wearing mass amounts of makeup on my face. Lipstick however, is always an option that works for all seasons. In the summer, I tend to wear brighter lipstick colors (especially pink) because I feel that it gives life to my face, my outfit and my overall appearance and demeanor (yes a lipstick has the power to do all that!) Here are 3 of my favorite shades to wear in the summer but are versatile enough to be worn throughout the year.


MAC-Candy Yum Yum














My favorite color is pink so it’s a given that I have to rock a pink lip color during the summer. Candy Yum Yum by MAC is one of my favorite shades because its bright and pops but it doesn’t look like clown or costume makeup whether you wear it with a full face of makeup or by itself. I like wearing Candy Yum Yum when I want a pout that is fun, flirty and reminiscent of the “Amore Luxe” logo lol…If you aren’t afraid to try something bold but fun, Candy Yum Yum is the color for you!


MAC-So Chaud













When I went into the MAC store a few months ago, I asked the makeup artist for a bright color that had red undertones to it but would work with different makeup looks and he suggested this shade called So Chaud. I wasn’t used to wearing any colors remotely related to orange but I really like this color because its bright but not overpowering. I use a brown lipliner with it to tone the color down when I want to be more subtle but I love wearing this shade with gold shadow and bronzer because I feel that it makes my whole face glow and shimmer. This color works well in the fall and the shade reminds me of some of the prettiest Autumn leaves that fall near my home. Versatility is key with this shade and I feel that So Chaud is the perfect shade to achieve a variety of looks.


MAC-Ruby Woo

















I saved the best for last! I LOVE Ruby Woo with all of my heart. It is the most versatile red that I’ve ever used and it looks good on every complexion from fair to dark skin. It a powerful red that can be toned down by wearing it alone or amplified by wearing with lip gloss. It lasts all day and I don’t feel the need to put any other makeup on my face when I rock this shade. This is my summer/fall/winter/spring color for these reasons and more and I feel like summertime is the best time to take a chance and rock Ruby Woo. You won’t be disappointed:)


Post your fave summer lipstick shades below as well as any other great ideas for Makeup Mondays!


Always remember to love and live luxuriously!


Having Confidence When It Comes To Your Appearance

Hey everyone! It’s the beginning of December (not to mention only 22 days until Christmas!) and I wanted to focus on confidence when it comes to how you feel about the way you look. I know many women( including myself) are so critical of how we look from complaining about our size, our skin or just any feature on our body that we would like to change/remove. I feel that as much as we beat ourselves up about our appearance, we should be trying to turn that negative energy into positive energy and focus on doing things that make us feel good. Around the same time I was trying to come up with an idea on how to celebrate our uniqueness, I received a makeup brush kit from Real Techniques. I have heard good things about their brushes and with the brushes came a “Girls Night In” party idea and I thought to myself “This would be a perfect way to switch things up but have fun and embrace the things that make us special at the same time”. This past Sunday, my friend/hairstylist Regina Pearl allowed me to throw a mini makeup party at her home and we had my friend Jou take pics and record it. A few of the pics are below but stay tuned for my masterpost coming up later this week where you will see the funny behind the scenes video along with the before and after pics of my friends (and myself ) who received a mini makeover courtesy of my friends Shonique and Regina, and one look done by myself:) I feel that makeup isn’t about changing what you look like. I use it to enhance what I already love about myself and it’s fun to switch things up now and then! I urge all of you to go outside of your comfort zone and do something different for once. It could be that extra pick me up you need! I will be doing a Spreecast Stream next week as well as a big announcement that I am so excited about so stay tuned!


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