Self(ie) Discovery Series

Good Morning! Over the past week, I was thinking about an activity I could do that would be creative, fun and most importantly, eye opening for myself as well as everyone involved. I was on Instagram looking for inspiration and what I found were selfies lol…. Celeb selfies (Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to name a few), selfies of folks with their kids, beautiful background location selfies and while I enjoyed looking at all of them, I couldn’t think of how taking selfies would help someone to become a more confident person. People usually take selfies when they are in a good mood so confidence is already there for them at that moment. But then I started thinking: What IF we took a pic of ourselves at various moments of the day whether whether we are smiling it not? They say a picture is worth a thousand words and are there to capture a moment in time whether it’s good or bad so why not take a pic of yourself and explain your current situation. The picture may conjure up negative emotions but those have to be handled for you to truly enjoy the amazing things in store. Faking a smile for Instagram may fool others but you have to be honest to the one person that truly matters: Yourself. 

This particular picture is one I took a few minutes ago while I was stuck in traffic on my way to work. I’ve been very vocal about my dislike for my morning job but this pic is how I feel on most days while I’m there. I fake a smile got the customers and enjoy talking to some of the associates but for the most part, I’m over it and I know a lot of it has to do with me not feeling like I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I know this is only a pit stop and not my final destination but I need to make moves FAST because I want more for myself and my life. 

My goal for the self(ie) discovery series is for everyone who participates to grow and learn from the moments they capture. At the end of the day, the experiences you go through make you who you are so focus on getting to where you want to be by being honest with yourself and making the proper adjustments. Can’t wait to see everyone’s selfies!
Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

My Birthday Weekend!

Having a ball at my 28th birthday dinner!
Having a ball at my 28th birthday dinner!

Good Afternoon! I am so excited that is finally up and running and I wanted to launch it on my birthday because it signifies a new beginning for me. I had an epiphany minutes before midnight on my birthday after a disappointment and I told myself that I wouldn’t dwell on negative situations, attitudes and most importantly people! I always encourage women to be the best versions of themselves in all aspects of life but I wasn’t really taking my own advice…until now that is! I made a decision to make the right choices, no matter how hard they may be and be content knowing that it will all work itself out in the end. After my internal rant lol, I told myself that I would have fun and that is just what I did!

On Saturday, I headed into the city and went to my favorite hair stylist Regina Pearl (@hairgirlreginapearl on IG) and added bangs to my do’! I think it looks chic and its been a couple of years since I’ve rocked them so I wanted to switch things up!

Me with my girls at my birthday dinner
Me with my girls at my birthday dinner

After leaving the salon, I did a little shopping then headed back to get ready for my birthday dinner…I had an amazing night with a few of my favorite people as you can see from the pics! The next day, Regina, my girl Jou and myself decided to go to Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert. We headed out about 2pm and didn’t get back until early this morning (traffic was crazy!) but the concert was well worth it! My fave performances were Trey Songz,(still one of my faves!) Nicki Minaj (I liked when she performed her old material) and Jhene Aiko when she performed on the Summer Festival stage (would love to interview her for Amore Luxe!). I didn’t take pics of the show itself because I had to save my battery power on my phone but the experience itself  is one forever etched in my memory.

I am grateful for the love and support from my family, friends and supporters and I promise you that “” will be the go to place for all things related to the meaningful and materialistic sides of life. I feel that having a bit of both is what keeps a person balanced:) Stay tuned because we are only halfway through 2014 but I have so much still in store!

Love and live luxuriously!

Rant: I am NOT a “bad b&%$!”

I am NOT a “bad b&%$!” 

I was listening to music (Nicki Minaj in particular) and I kept hearing the word being used over and over again. I know the term is meant to be a positive thing but I’m not feeling it! I know some of ya’ll probably think I’m being too sensitive or whatever but tune in to my rant and I think you will understand where I’m coming from…and if you don’t that’s cool too…just don’t call me one lol! Check it out!