Shattering My Rose Colored Glasses

Good Morning! I am back with another post like I promised (go me!) and this topic came naturally to me. I started thinking about what “epiphany” moment has had the biggest impact on my life in 2018 so far and I realized it was when I finally got through my head that just because I see the potential in someone and want more from that person, that doesn’t mean that the potential will come to fruition.  When it comes to others thoughts and actions, I need to see them for who they are and not who I want or imagine them to be. In other words, I need to take off the rose-colored glasses that are blocking my vision and my grip on reality. Before I discuss my epiphany moment, let me give you guys some back story!

There was this guy I was seeing for a minute ( 4 years to be exact!) before I broke things off at the end of 2015. I’ve talked about him in earlier posts so I won’t get into all of that but we wanted different things and I didn’t wanna settle I ended it. I spent 4 years of my time with him in a “situationship” that he was content with but as I approached 30, I wanted more so I ended it and thought he would just disappear or stay cool from a distance.  That’s not what he wanted so he was persistent as far as keeping the lines of communication open with me for all of 2016.  Finally in the summer of 2017, I figured I would give him a chance on a trial basis (well trial basis in my mind!) since his persistence meant that he may be ready for the changes that I wanted to happen in our relationship.  I told myself that I would give him 2 months to show me that things would be different and even though I knew better, I still had hope well more like I was still wearing my rose-colored glasses and wanted to see something more than what was really there. 2 months passed and things started going back to the way they were and I WAS NOT having it! I cut it off as soon as I felt like we were slipping back into the same routine and we started this pattern of him lingering around again. Finally a few weeks ago when I last saw him, I tested him (again this test was never said aloud!) to see if there was a glimmer of hope (those rose-colored glasses had me creating delusions of grandeur lol) and asked him for a simple favor that he couldn’t do. Something that would show that I was a priority instead of an option and after all the persistence and waiting around, he still couldn’t match up to the potential that I foolishly insisted was there. It was then in that moment that my rose-colored glasses were shattered and even though he couldn’t see them break, the actions that followed (me politely walking him out) showed that this time, I could see him for who he really was and although he isn’t a terrible guy, he is definitely not the guy for me. I was no longer blinded by the “potential” or “hope” that hindered me from moving on completely and since that day, I’ve never looked back.

In that “epiphany”moment, I felt liberated and it didn’t take me crying my eyes out or going through a long drawn out conversation where I remix what I’ve said in the past to try to convince him that my feelings were valid. None of it mattered anymore because when I realized I wasn’t valued the way I should have been, everything else was irrelevant.  I didn’t discuss my issues with my friends because they weren’t wearing the glasses so their vision was crystal clear. You can’t fully see things from another person’s perspective with the rose-colored glasses on. The glasses give you a false sense of reality. This doesn’t just apply to relationships but for any situation when you make excuses or pretend that things aren’t as bad as they are. The truth is distorted, your vision is blocked and when this occurs, you become stagnant and passive when you should be moving forward and assert yourself especially when it comes to things in your life that you have control over. Shattering the glasses can take time but when you do, you will realize how much power you have over your own life and will be able to make better decisions in the future.  With the destruction of those rose-colored glasses led the creation of a new life for myself. One where not only am I a priority to someone else but most importantly, making myself a priority in my life.

One of the first things on my list of doing right by myself is to constantly promote Amore Luxe Media (see what I did there!) If you haven’t heard about my new social media company, scroll down to the previous post or click on the Amore Luxe Media tab at the top of the page to find out all about it. I hope you all make decisions that help you shatter the rose-colored glasses that may have blocked your true vision to your purpose! Please be sure to like/comment/share and look out for my next post coming Friday 🙂 Have a Happy Hump Day and always remember to love and live luxuriously!


Wisdom Wednesday: Priority vs. Option

priorityoptioneditGood Afternoon! I told myself that 2016 would be different in many ways. I would stay on my grind and make sure that nothing takes my focus off what I want to do and where I want to be in the next few years. In order for me to do that, I’d have to drop distractions that  hold me back from my goals and that includes the dead-end “situationship” that I was in for 4 years. I would often ask myself how did I get to a point where I was willing to settle for things I didn’t want or deserve solely because I was afraid of losing someone who I fell so hard for. I ended up losing someone and it wasn’t the man I was in love with but the person I should have focused on first in my life: ME.

My “epiphany” moment came from Facebook surprisingly enough. I saw a list that one of my friends posted that was titled “15 signs you are an option not a priority in a relationship. When I went through the list and thought about the signs that applied to our situation, I realized that most of them (11 to be exact) were signs that I simply ignored or was too blinded by my feelings to see the reality of the situation. Two signs that really stuck out was lying about insignificant things and acting secretive and/or suspicious. These were issues that I always had with the man I was involved with and it really bothered me because I consider myself to be a pretty honest person who wears their heart on their sleeve. It baffled me that the person that I was so crazy about didn’t feel comfortable or secure enough to do the same with me. I expressed this multiple times but it seemed pointless because he wasn’t willing to open himself up to me in that way. I realized that even though I would voice my frustrations and complain, my actions did not match my words. I still put up with things I didn’t agree with and still allowed him to treat me as an option instead of a priority. It wasn’t until that moment when I started to see things as they are instead of how I imagined them to be.

When I started becoming distant physically and mentally, that was when he finally understood that I was serious. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for him to want to change his ways and it was in that instant that I realized that you can’t say or do anything to make anyone want to change. Change comes from within and this is where I always failed in my past relationships. I thought that if I was patient and loving enough, the man would see this and want to change so he wouldn’t lose me. This was not the case. Instead, I would be the one going through all the changes and end up compromising or giving in completely so I wouldn’t rock the boat. Bitterness and anger built up inside and when I finally reached my breaking point, he was blindsided. The boat had finally been rocked!

I have no regrets about our situation. I realize that I have patterns that have been harmful to my emotional growth and well-being and I need to work on myself before I consider getting into another relationship. I remember hearing the saying “Treat others in the way you want to be treated” . I agree with this but I also think that I need to treat myself the way I want to be treated. That means leaving a dead-end situation before getting in too deep, making sure that I’m being true to myself and what I want out of my life and most importantly, only allowing myself to be treated as a priority, never an option.

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!