Your Current Situation Is Not Your Final Destination

Good Morning lovelies! I realized that my last post was 2 weeks ago and that I was headed in that feeling sorry for myself mindset and I had to catch myself. I have been very frustrated with the way things are going in my life now and it seemed like all my efforts were in vain because I am not getting to where I feel that I should be. It feels like I am putting the work in but the rewards or fruits of my labor haven’t come to fruition (yet!) I always strive to be transparent about my life and still offer messages of optimism and positivity so I wanted to wait until I had something important to say before I made another post and the one phrase that kept coming to my mind is “My current situation is not my final destination”. I know that these moments in a person’s life are made to build and strengthen one’s character and that tough times don’t last and that tough people. Changing my perspective on my situation and understanding that my struggles are only temporary has helped me push the negative thoughts out of my head.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that it is crucial to be consistent and persistent as far as putting in the work to achieve my goals and my inconsistencies have cost me greatly. I can’t expect people to believe in me if it seems that I don’t believe in myself so regardless of what I am going through personally, putting my best face forward and focusing on what is to come is the key to success. Easier said than done but when you know better, you do better and most importantly, you stop making excuses! I have made enough excuses to fill up 100 notebooks and where have they gotten me? Absolutely nowhere! I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired so I plan on not only doing things differently but changing the way I view my life and the circumstances around it.

I will be posting “Amore Luxe Media” fall promo specials next week so stay tuned for that. We are nearing the 4th quarter of 2018 and I plan on making sure that I end the year off better than I started so I will accomplish the goals and bring my visions from my “Idea Book” to life. What are some things you would like to accomplish in the next 3 months? Let me know in the comments below šŸ™‚ As always, remember to love and live luxuriously!


Passion and PatienceĀ 

Good Afternoon! I have been racking my brain on what I should write about. Writer’s block is no joke and it’s been a struggle but I thought about the things that have been heavy on my mind lately and I realize that I’ve been frustrated that I’m not living the life of my dreams yet. I know what I want out of life and the work that it will take to get there but it’s been tough just wishing and hoping that things will work out. That’s when I have my “aha” moment as Oprah likes to call it. If I’m actually putting in the work, I won’t have time to think about what I don’t have and what I’m not getting out of life. In order for me to want to do the work, it has to be something I’m passionate about and something I’m willing to wait for because I know that it will come true in time. 

Passion and patience lead to greatness and I feel that both is needed for me to make all the visions on my vision board a reality. I can’t let pressure overwhelm me and as I stated in a previous post, I have to take things one day at a time. As long as I don’t lose sight of those goals and remain confident and excited about them, they will come to fruition. Every day is a new beginning so let this day be the start of something amazing! Be sure to keep me updated on your journey:) 

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

Determination and Downward Facing Dog

downwardfacingdogIn my last post, I talked about doing yoga regularly because I felt that it would be good for my mental and physical well-being. I went to Yoga class this morning and it was much different from the last 2 classes I attended back in April. There are different types of Yoga and back in April, I tried Alignment Hatha Yoga which focuses on stretching poses mainly and while I was a bit tense, the poses weren’t that difficult. Since that type of yoga class was done for this session, I decided to use my 3 remaining classes and try a more vigorous type of Yoga called Vinyasa Yoga. This type of yoga required more movement and balance and the poses flowed into each other. I realized just how tense my muscles are and how I lack balance for the most part. I heard of the pose “Downward Facing Dog” but actually doing the pose back to back was work! I didn’t sweat in Alignment Yoga but today, the room felt like it was on fire! I always thought of Yoga to be relaxing which it was but it also makes you aware of your body and what you need to work on. My instructor was very nice and patient but I felt like I was the only one who required extra help multiple times throughout the class. Granted, it was my first Vinyasa class but I didn’t think I was so out of shape. Although I struggled throughout the class, I am glad that I went and I look forward to going back next week. In the meantime, I am going to look for some Vinyasa videos on YouTube so I can practice my downward facing dog along with a few other poses lol. I am determined to do Yoga throughout the summer and hopefully for the rest of the year because I love how aware and connected I am with my mind and body. My body may feel drained afterward but my spirit feels renewed and that feeling is priceless. If there is something that you find passion and purpose in, don’t give up when things get difficult. Nothing worth having comes easy so keep pushing through the pain (whether it be mental and/or physical) until you reach your goal! Much love to you all:)

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!